Jared Schwartz, Bass

PSD141206The Puccini Society of Dallas
Jared Schwartz, bass,
with Mary Dibbern, pianist

who will present opera arias

Saturday, December 6, 2014,

at 3:00 p.m.


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2014-12-06 15.46.36

Jared Schwartz and Mary Dibbern

Many thanks to all who participated in Sat.’s meeting at Faye Brigg’s beautiful home.  It’s hard to imagine that wonderful place being more beautiful than usual, but a holiday visit is really spectacular— as was our program by Jared Schwartz with Mary Dibbern!  We are grateful to you both for that lovely afternoon of beautiful music.

Special thanks to the Brooks; Patsy coordinated the reception and Bob was our able bartender.  Your ongoing support of our meetings is appreciated by all—a toast to you both.  Our official Artistic Chef, Cynthia contributed the beautiful yule logs which were very special.  As always Bettie Francis, Jana and Mac Irwin, Marion Dunton and others planned and executed a memorable afternoon.

Most special appreciation goes out to Ed Flaspoehler, who has launched our new Puccini Society web page  puccinidallas.com.  This site lists all our programs from this fall season, and pictures will soon be posted as well.  If anyone has pictures they’d like to post, please send them to Ed.  Having this web site will enable interested people and potential members to see what we do, and it will always be there for us as a reference for our upcoming events.  I hope you’ll take a look and see what a fine representation this is of our group and the talented artists we present.

Our January program will be held on the 10th and will feature Rainell Krauss, coloratura soprano.  A recent graduate of the school of music at Indiana University,  Rainell lives in Ft. Worth, and is in the Ft. Worth Opera chorus.  We will all look forward to an afternoon of vocal fireworks with Rainell.  Details will follow.

In closing I’d like to wish each of you a Happy Holiday Season; Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy New Year.



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