Memories of Italy – February 20, 2016


PSD20160220Memories of Italy

Students of Opera in Concert in Italy

Legera Danielides, mezzo soprano,
Michael Alonzo, tenor,
Alicia Wallace, soprano,
Jordyn Beranek, soprano,

Stephen Dubberly, music director
Edward Crafts, artistic director &
Heather Ross, general director

February 20, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

Hosted by Doug Haloftis

Our Puccini event on February 20, 2016 was a rousing success in every way.

This program included favorite opera arias and duets from favorite operas by Puccini, Bizet, Donizetti, Gounod, Rossini, Cilea, and Mozart.  Our singers are the students who attended Edward Craft’s Opera in Concert in Italy program last summer.  The Puccini Society supported these young singers in their summer program, as did many of our members.

Each of these fine young artists certainly displayed their continuing maturity and artistic development. They are fortunate to be under the wise guidance and tutorage of Edward, Heather, and Stephen. It is truly exciting to see these young singers progress and develop. Of course the only disappointment was the unfortunate situation on the tollway, preventing Michael Alonzo from participating. We will certainly invite him to participate in another program as soon as possible. The other singers proved to be very resourceful in revising their program on a moment’s notice.

Doug Haloftis’ home is really an ideal venue for a vocal recital. He’s hosted piano recitals and I expect his violinist son participates in string ensembles there, but this was the first vocal recital he’s hosted. I think he, as we, was very excited with the combination of his wonderful piano, beautiful voices and the acoustics of the space. He has graciously suggested that we are invited to return for another event in the future. I’m sure each of us enjoyed his welcoming hospitality as well as his beautiful and interesting home. Their wonderful contemporary art collection was delightful to enjoy as well as the music.

The membership’s enthusiastic support of Opera in Concert in Italy and our participation in their scholarship fund for these young singers is very gratifying. The board will discuss our contribution to the scholarship fund. This is really a natural outgrowth of our support of young artists, and adds an important purpose to our organization.

We all congratulate the Crafts and Stephen Dubberly on their outstanding work with these young singers. They have received such fine training and have had such successful experiences in the professional world; it is very generous and meaningful to pass this on to another generation. The opportunity they provide both here and in Italy can open a new world of experience, learning, and understanding of the musical world and it’s possibilities to these young students. We congratulate them and your ongoing success.

Many thanks as always to Bettie Francis, Jana and Mac Irwin, our hostess extraordinaire Patsy and bar tender Bob Brooks! Please let Patsy know if you would like to make a contribution of any kind or size to the reception. May I also offer sincere gratitude to each of you for your ongoing support of the Puccini Society.

Marilyn Halla

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